Just help - further development of psychosocial support services for refugees on Lesvos

Start: 2022

The project aims to establish long-term structures for psychosocial support for refugees on Lesvos. Accompanied self-help groups are offered for children, families and adults. In particular, individual psychological support for single male socialized persons is to be further expanded, as there is a gap in care for this target group.

“The situation in the “Kara Tepe” camp is very difficult for the approximately 2,000 people living there. The terrible experiences on the run and everyday life in the camp have caused various mental illnesses (psychosomatic pain, panic attacks, insomnia, depression, mood swings, etc.) in many refugees. Many are formally locked up and are only allowed to leave the camp with express permission and on special occasions, such as to participate in medical support programs.”

MVI provides humanitarian aid. The NGO is financed exclusively by donations and works at four locations in Greece and Bosnia with volunteers from all over the world (medically trained specialists: doctors, nurses and interpreters) to provide medical care to refugees. In particular, refugees who are staying there illegally and therefore have no access to healthcare are treated by MVI.

The :do Foundation supports MVI with 2,000 euros.