“All migrants are looking for a better, more dignified life.
They want to be treated as equals in our society and be recognised as people with rights. No-one in search of a better life should be sent back. And no one can dissuade us from this mission.”

Mohammed Talbi, human rights activists from Morocco

Campaigning for a life with dignity

At the Stiftung :do foundation, our aim is to provide financial support for projects and programmes that campaign for better rights for refugees and migrants and better access to medical supplies, everyday essentials and mental health support. In addition, we want to support cultural and social initiatives to improve integration.

Migration is nothing new. Throughout the ages, people all over the world have been fleeing from war, poverty and unfair treatment in society, seeking refuge from environmental disasters and discrimination. Their goal has always been the same – to build a better life for themselves. Yet, in our globalised world, where goods, money and information flow across borders at lightning speed, industrialised countries use their policing power and military strength to shut their doors to refugees and migrants, denying them their basic rights and access to a secure livelihood.

Helping people reach and settle in their destination country

The Stiftung :do foundation funds projects and initiatives that help refugees and migrants reach their destination country and build a new life for themselves.

All migrants are looking for is a better, more dignified life. At the Stiftung :do foundation we want to make that happen. Inspired by the many multilingual meanings of our name – do – we want to bring about positive change and help everyone that finds themselves on that journey to live with dignity and have ownership over their lives.