On arrival

Even when they reach the safety of their destination country, refugees and migrants still face many challenges. They need access to accommodation, care services and education, and help integrating into society so that they can live a dignified life. Yet, many hurdles stand in their way.

Giving people a fresh start

We support organisations and projects that give refugees and migrants that come to Germany the chance to build a new life with dignity and experience a sense of belonging and community after being separated from family and friends for so long. Our goal is to empower people to make their own decisions and arrangements in building a new life for themselves.

Photo: Saffron Kitchen Project

We fund

  • skills training initiatives that empower people to participate in society as equals
  • programmes and organisations that aim to reduce isolation and improve future prospects
  • mental health support to help refugees and migrants process their experiences
  • courses, programmes and workshops that promote wellbeing and a sense of community through shared experiences
  • initiatives run by migrants for migrants, so that more established migrants can support and empower new arrivals
Ankommen und bleiben; ROSA e.V.

Photo: ROSA e.V.