Wandelstiften network

The Stiftung :do foundation is a member of the Wandelstiften network. This is an alliance of foundations that, through funding and practical action, are working to build a more socially and economically sustainable and equal society. The name Wandelstiften means “funding change” and the network is determined to set itself apart from traditional charitable foundation models with its progressive and socially and politically active approach to philanthropy. One of the network’s central principles, for instance, is that foundations invest their assets in line with strict ethical and sustainability standards

Wandel stiften

Association of German Foundations (BDS)

The Stiftung :do foundation is also a member of the Association of German Foundations (BDS). The BDS is the umbrella body for all foundations in Germany. It supports its members with legal assistance, specialist advice and training opportunities.

Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen

Allianz Rechtssicherheit für politische Willensbildung

The Allianz Rechtssicherheit für politische Willensbildung (Legal certainty for political advocacy alliance) is an association of different organisations and aims to ensure that civil society organisations involved in political decision-making are able to act in the general interest. . Founded in 2015, the alliance’s long-term goal is to see the introduction of public interest law that is fit for the modern day.

Allianz “Rechtssicherheit für politische Willensbildung”