On the road

Many people complete the journey from their homeland in search of a better life without access to basic essentials and support. They face many challenges, not least harsh weather conditions, protracted periods in temporary accommodation, a lack of medical supplies and food, uncertainty around their rights, psychological injuries and trauma.

Empowering people

We support organisations and projects in Europe and on EU borders that give refugees and migrants the power and the confidence to take back control of their future and the courageous journey they have embarked upon.

Auf dem Weg; lean on us e.V.

Photo: Lean on us e.V.

We fund

  • medical aid
  • food and everyday essentials
  • housing
  • legal support and advice
  • mental health support
  • experiences, courses and workshops designed to empower people and help them build a new life once they arrive in a country of safety

Photo: Lean on us e.V.