Collective Aid - Washing center in Belgrade for refugees

Start: 2022

The internationally active aid organization Collective Aid, which is registered in Serbia, operates a washing center in the center of Belgrade in Serbia to provide people on the run with a safe place for physical hygiene and washing their clothes. People also have the opportunity to charge their smartphones at a charging station and swap their clothes at a clothing station on site.

New hygiene products such as toothbrushes, soaps, razors and underwear are constantly needed to ensure the hygienic supply and ongoing operation of the Belgrade washing center. Since the NGO Doctors without Borders closed its health center in Belgrade in 2021, Collective Aid has been the only point of contact for more than 1000 people per month for personal hygiene and washing services. The laundry center is a safe place to go, especially for vulnerable women and children.

Collective Aid is an international NGO founded by volunteers in 2017. The organization has made it its mission to guarantee basic human rights and freedoms for refugees and to campaign for systemic change.

The washing center of Collective Aid is sponsored by the association HERMINE e.V. The foundation :do supports with 2,000 euros.