Support for vulnerable people on the move

Start: 2024

The association Lean on us e.V., founded in 2021, works purely on the basis of donations and will continue to be supported by the six women who founded the association in 2024. Lean on us e.V. is particularly concerned with vulnerable people on the move, including along Europe’s external borders.

They work in a sponsorship model in which each of them provides intensive and long-term counselling and support on an equal footing to people who have found themselves in need while fleeing war and displacement. Particularly vulnerable people such as unaccompanied minors, unaccompanied mothers with children and sick people are supported. “We see ourselves as permanent contact persons who can be contacted online or on site around the clock. We organise legal assistance and medical care, connect people to local organisations, provide comfort and try to find an individual solution for every problem.”

The grant of €2,500 from the :do Foundation will be used to pay for additional food, heating appliances, emergency accommodation and to cover medical and legal costs.