Glocal Roots - a retreat and feel-good place for women and children

Start: December 2023

Glocal Roots is part of the Victoria Community Center in Athens and operates the first floor with a safe retreat and feel-good space for women and children. “In the women’s area, we offer refugee women the opportunity to spend the day in a safe space, engage in various activities, receive counseling, relax and build new networks with other women.” The overarching aim is to promote resilience, i.e. the ability to cope with crises, and to support women in leading a self-determined life. A children’s room with childcare enables the women to take part in activities and workshops such as language and IT courses, relax and take time for themselves.

The funding of €2,500 will go towards activities for women and children in Athens, such as monthly cooking evenings where women from the community cook for other women from the community. In addition, workshops to teach them skills that they can use in their future job search, as well as yoga and self-care days.