Special screening of the movie "Green Border"

April 2024

The :do Foundation is committed to supporting refugees at the EU’s external borders. This also includes the areas affected by pushbacks on the border with Belarus. With our support practice, we want to strengthen the rights of refugees and provide them with medical, psychological and material care. The film “Green Border” shows in a very touching way what is reality just a few hundred kilometers away from us and how important the support of aid organizations on the ground is. As a foundation, these organizations, most of which are run by volunteers, are very close to our hearts. We are supporting the film in cooperation with the Zeit Stiftung Bucerius and the Abaton cinema in Hamburg and would like to help the aid organizations to gain more visibility in this way.

A special screening with guests and subsequent discussion will take place on April 18, 2024, from 4-7:30 pm at the Abaton, Allende Platz 3, 20146 Hamburg. Staff from the Center for Migration Research at the University of Warsaw and the chairwoman of Medical Volunteers International e.V. will be available for the discussion.