Language mediation on Samos

Start: 2023

I Have Rights e.V. (IHR) is a German-Greek human rights organization that provides asylum seekers and migrants at the EU’s external border on the Greek island of Samos with access to independent and free legal information and supports them in asserting their rights.

Asylum seekers are generally not allowed to leave the island of Samos until the end of their often lengthy asylum procedure, despite inadequate mental and medical care and untenable conditions in the so-called Closed Controlled Access Center (CCAC). Due to the isolation from civil society, the lack of state support structures and a blatant lack of local lawyers, asylum seekers are effectively denied access to independent legal and asylum procedure information.

This is exactly where IHR comes in: IHR is one of the few legal NGOs on Samos. Their work covers a wide spectrum, preparing people for their asylum interview, supporting people in asserting their right to asylum in the event of rejection by the authorities and in court, and campaigning for the lifting of residence restrictions so that people who need medical assistance on the mainland can access it.

The work of language mediators is an integral part of the work, as without them it would not be possible to provide high-quality legal support at appointments.

The :do Foundation provides 2,000 euros in financial support for the flexible deployment of freelance language mediators.