Lighthouse Relief - Support of emergency cases

Beginn: Januar 2024

Lighthouse Relief fills gaps in humanitarian support for people seeking refuge, most recently located in the broader Athens region. In the last 8 years the organisation has followed the needs and developments of the situation in Greece and adapted its programming accordingly. Since 2020 they have shifted the operations from the island of Lesvos to central Athens as the population facing precarious living conditions in the Greek capital has drastically increased following government efforts to decongest the Aegean islands.

The approach is based on three pillars of support that starts with emergency support such as food and shelter followed by access to social services and integration support. In addition to mental health and psychological support activities through safe spaces and sports.

Following an increase in new arrivals over the summer months in addition to transfers from the islands that are still taking place and seem to continue given the high population numbers and over capacity in the closed centers, Lighthouse Relief is planning to use the funds of 2.500€ from the :do foundation to increase the capacity of the team to provide emergency support. This is including foodbaskets (canned food items, dry food, baby milk/formula), supermarket vouchers as well as temporary accommodation support for emergency cases with high vulnerabilities that are experiencing homelessness and live under precarious conditions.