Mazi Housing Project

Beginn: Januar 2024

Mazí Housing Project provides community-based housing and person centred support for young asylum-seekers and refugees travelling alone in Greece. Mazí has been operational in Athens for the last three years, supporting 99 young men in this time. Mazí was created in response to the complete lack of housing options for young men in the city, as the government housing program, which has since ceased to exist, prioritised specific ‘vulnerable’ groups that young men rarely fall into. 

The program combines the safety and stability of housing with individualised support for each resident. Mazi supports residents to acquire the tools needed to engage in education and stable employment, with the aim of moving into their own independent accommodation once leaving the program.

As a program centred around housing, the donation of 2500€ will contribute towards apartment costs. The rent of an apartment (EUR 830) for 3 months, housing 15 young asylum seekers and refugees.