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Welcome to the Stiftung :do!

From 2023, the Stiftung :do will develop a new profile and redesign its funding practice. The new funding guidelines and practices will not be established until mid 2023. Until then, we ask you not to submit any grant applications. Please inform yourself on our website. Here it will be announced how the :do Foundation will be active in the future. We would like to thank all partner projects for their dedicated, important and unique work! And we are looking forward to new ways and ideas as well as a breath of fresh air for the future work of Stiftung :do. Information for already funded and ongoing projects can be found here.

This page provides a summary in English of the information on the foundation’s website. It will tell you everything you need to know about the Stiftung :do and how to apply for project funding.

For more information, please feel free contact the team in our office.

The Stiftung :do

The Stiftung :do (“:do Foundation”) aims to support the rights of refugees and immigrants through its project funding activities. We are politically independent, and our work crosses national boundaries.

The Stiftung :do was founded in 2005 in Hamburg, Germany, by the family of a Hamburg-based entrepreneur. The foundation consists of a Management Board that chooses which projects to fund, a Foundation Board that supervises the foundation’s activities, and a small office team. An investment committee advises the foundation on the ethical and sustainable investment of its assets.


The Stiftung :do funds projects with the goal of ensuring individual freedom of movement and equal access to health care, education and social inclusion for all people, regardless of their background. We focus on initiatives that promote solidarity and non-racist political policy and, in doing so, fundamentally question the prevailing reality of migration.

From 2020, Stiftung :do wants to support initiatives and groups working towards improving the situation of people on the move.

on the move

social and human rights for people on the move

What is the aim?

Migrants at the external borders of the EU are faced with difficult circumstances characterised by violence, a lack of rights and social distress. Forced perseverance in provisional shelters, difficult climatic conditions as well as attacks by smugglers, cross-border forces and police officers result in serious health issues. However, there is no access to adequate health care: The conditions in the remote and militarised border regions are often life-threatening.

Even within the EU, the conditions in the reception camps in Greece and Italy or between France and Great Britain, are inhumane. Exploitative conditions for migrants working on fruit and vegetable plantations in Southern Europe that produce cheap goods for supermarkets all over Europe are inherent to the system. It is also the rule rather than the exception that families are torn apart for years by these conditions. Furthermore, women, LGBTQI and children are exposed to sexual violence.

Psychological injuries and trauma are often the result of these circumstances created in Europe – conditions that make it difficult for people to build a new life once in a safe country.

In many cases, the people who provide the bare necessities for people on the move are activists without fixed NGO structures, without fundraisers and donation buttons. But because of the Europe-wide right-leaning political orientation and the nullification of fundamental rights caused by governmental action, these activists in particular, are increasingly threatened by the fear of criminalisation.

What do we fund?

We welcome applications from a wide range of solidarity groups acting in favour of people on the move!

Sample cases for funding:


Stiftung :do would like to allocate the funds as simply as possible and with the least amount of paper work. A few formalities are nonetheless necessary.

What we need from you:

  1. Cover letter signed by the sponsoring organisation, contact person and contact information as well as current bank details
  2. Proposal for the initiative
  3. Budget plan listing all expected income and expenses
  4. Certificate of exemption of the non-profit funding organisation (copy)
Notes on the Application:

We require a short but comprehensive description of the proposed initiative and the planned activities:

The proposal text should not exceed more than maximum three pages!

Budget Plan
The budget plan gives us an overview of how much money is needed for the project described during the period in question, what it will be used for and how it will be raised.

In general, Stiftung :do covers all types of costs (personnel, material, travel and other costs).
Own resources or third-party funds are not required in order to receive funding, but should please be indicated. Transparency creates trust.

Of course, the budget displays the current planning status and may change over time!

For a sample budget plan, please go to: Musterkostenplan Stiftung :dog do (Excel 48 KB)

Certificate of Exemption
In Germany, the certificate of exemption is issued to non-profit organisations every three years by the respective tax office. Other countries issue comparable documents if an organisation is recognised as a non-profit organisation.
We require a copy of this certificate to prove our own non-profit status and can therefore only accept applications that include evidence of this status.

Dates and Deadlines

Stiftung :do awards grants up to EUR 2000 per application and project once a year.

The final decision is made by the Executive Board in May.
Therefore, the funded project should not begin before June!

It is possible to receive partial approval. We will inform you about our decision at short notice.



Implementation of the project

If you receive a funding from Stiftung :do, please consider the information sheet on funded projects.

Completion of the project

When your funded project ends, we will need a detailed report on the completed project and proof of your use of the funding (overview of income and expenses).

Receipts will only be required in special cases upon arrangement with you.


We are happy to advise you on whether your project is in line with the funding profile of Stiftung :do. In case of queries, please make sure to contact us in good time before the closing date.